Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check out Down on the Farm!

I am writing a new blog for the Chicago Tribune's online network, Chicago Now, which covers the Cubs and White Sox top minor league prospects. The site, Down on the Farm, is already drawing attention. If you are a Cubs or Sox fan, or have an interest in the minor leagues, check out the site. I've done interviews with several of the teams top prospects, and have talked with executives and coaches from each side of town. Check it out! 

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Jordan C said...

I enjoy reading your cub related info,

but i was curious on when you think both Brett Jackson, and Josh Vitters will make it to the big leagues???

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty great to me. Good luck with this new project.

Eli said...

thanks guys

I think we can expect to see Josh Vitters join the Double-A team this season, but only for a couple weeks. After that, he probably needs a full season in Double-A, and if all goes well, could see limited time in Triple-A. The Cubs are not very aggressive with their prospects, and I think, barring injuries, Vitters will be with the Cubs in 2012 or 2013.

As for Jackson, it is hard to say. He needs to show that he can hit at the professional level. Jackson has the potential to be productive major league outfielder, who could hit .280-.300 with 15-20 home runs. However, if his body doesn't project or his approach at the plate doesn't develop, he could flounder like ryan harvey. He is coming from college, so we will know early. he is similar to the cubs' 2006 pick tyler colvin..