Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should the Dodgers Trade Pierre?

Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre has stepped up big time since Manny Ramirez was suspended, hitting .352 with 28 runs scored, 13 stolen bases, and a .412 on-base percentage. Pierre has three years and 28.5 million dollars left on his contract, and has a limited no-trade clause. 

While I think the Dodgers should trade Pierre, mostly because of the prospects they could net, it may not be worth it to eat a large portion of his salary. Pierre is a great fourth outfielder and gives you a speed off the bench. He can bunt almost on command and gives pitchers headaches when he reaches base. 

If you were Ned Colletti, would you trade Juan Pierre?

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Anonymous said...

If I were a GM, I would never trade for Pierre unless he was making less than half of what he is currently making. He has a noodle for an arm and although hitting well now, is not selective enough at the plate. Not worth the money he is being paid.

Anonymous said...

what!!! never trade for him?? the guys a hitting machine, he hits, runs like crazy and is on base for the big bats when they need it. id take that guy in a heartbeat. who the hell cares about a noodle arm thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard. cardinals should go after him, a 4th outfielder is really not that important. colletti can get a lot right now for pierre while hes hitting 350 and stealing every base. teams in contention need to go get him!

RANGERS_NC17 said...

the question was or is if you were Ned Colleti (LA Dodgers) If I was him I would ask myself whats more important? a 4th outfielder/insurance after Manny comes back or another quality starter or reliever or 1 or 2 top prospects? I would keep him in case of injury to an outfielder, since their rotation is pretty solid. Unless they are thin in the farm system I wouldnt trade him.
ON THE OTHER HAND...if I was the Rangers GM. I would be all over him since Josh Hamilton is hurt and he has to be moved from Center Field to minimize risk of injuries. I would ask the Dodgers to pick up 1/3 of his remaining salary say ($8.5M) and would offfer them my top CF AAA prospect Julio Borbon and top AAA 2B Jose Vallejo maybe a good minor league reliever too. Pierre would make an IMMIDIATE IMPACT on any team.