Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cubs Owner A-Rod?

According to the New York Post, Scott Boras has spoken to a potential new owner for the Cubs about signing A-Rod and making him a part owner of the team. Rodriguez, who has three more years left on his contract making 81 million dollars, can opt out after this year and join another team. Although Boras is saying he will be looking for a ten year deal worth about 30 million a year, he will probably have to settle for a seven to eight year deal worth about the same. The Chicago Tribune plan to sell the team after the season is over to one of the many bidders on the team. Most Cubs fan hope and pray that it is Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, but baseball hierarchy don't think that would be such a good idea. They also refused to show Cuban sitting in the bleachers last week at a Cubs game suggesting they already don't like his presence. Many think it will be John Canning however, who is representing a group of men in a possible buy. Many other teams are also interested in A-Rod, including the Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Giants, but if A-Rod is guaranteed part ownership, it might be hard to turn that down, especially with a winning team. But where would he play? And would he be able to fit in with the Cubs? All these questions will have to be addressed at the end of the season.

UPDATE: A-Rod's agent denies the report: "Great players with great demand create great rumors," Boras said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "While I would enjoy having lunch with Mark Cuban and Canning, at this point of the year that conversation would not include Alex Rodriguez. I have not talked to anyone."



Anonymous said...


they wouldn't be fair, they wouldn't be fair.

Anonymous said...

i don't think the cubs would mind having him in their lineup:

C Soto
1B Lee
2B DeRosa/Theriot
3B Ramirez
SS Rodriguez
OF Soriano
OF Jones/Pie
OF DeRosa/Murton

plus a free agent maybe?

P Zambrano
P Lilly
P Marquis
P Hill
P Free Agent/Veal/Gallagher/Prior

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KL said...

Eli can i be your groupie?

timy1 said...

salaries have gone up so high to a point where you have to give part ownership of a team to a player? what has baseball become!? if the cubs do land him, it'll be payroll hell. hope the new owner is ready to shell out the money and raise Cubbie tickets and concession prices.

Eli said...

you are wouldn't be bad for the cubs, but it would be bad for baseball in the long run.

timy1 said...

i think this is really bad for baseball. sorry if you misunderstood me Eli. a player should NEVER have a stake in a team. This rumor whether true or not, just proves the fact that prices for FAs will always go up. Just look at the Barry Zito singing! from now on, elite pitchers will command at least that ammount of money. in the the end it will only let big market teams be able to contend, and smaller ones will always have to be in a "rebuilding" mode. I would urge the major leagues to consider a salary cap. i hate watching the same high spending teams compete in the playoffs. its always yanks and bosox!

Anonymous said...

it would be good to get A-Rod but if we can't what about getting someone with good post season experience like Andrew Jones.....
that woulg greatly improve the line up.. plus they could couple Theriot and a prospect to get a real SS like Tejada.. The line up would look like this............

Then they can pick up a lesser Free Agen pitcher to plug in 5 spot this gets rid of Hill who is overated he just chokes......Hopefully the Cubs Owner becomes Mark Cuban who acually cares about sports. This would be a great and possible fix
GO CUBS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that would be great to get A-rod but it would be better to get a player with good post season experience like Andrew Jones. then they could pair Theriot and a prospect in a trade to get Miguel Tejeda. The lineup would look like this.............................

A. Jones
D. Lee
J. Jones

Then you get rid of Kendall, because he is garbage, and thats 12 million dollars towards trying to get A. Jones. Also they could sign a lesser free agent pitcher to plug into the five spot in the rotation this way they can get rid of R. Hill who is overated and who chockes when you need him the most. Hopefully the Cubs get Cubban as their owner because he actually cares and would put forth an effort for the Cubs to sucede.
GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T. Earwood