Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dodgers Little Should Go

Coming into September, the Dodgers were in the run for a playoff spot and were playing great baseball. However, the team's veterans became upset after the younger players took their spot, began playing well, and shifted to a newer style of play. Luis Gonzalez and Jeff Kent were noticeably upset in the clubhouse and separating themselves from the team. Personally, I think they are upset because they saw this year as their last legitimate chance to win a World Series. "I've played a long time. I've played on some really good teams. I've been in the World Series once. So you hate to waste an opportunity, even if it's one and even if it's your first time. And it's hard to get them to understand that because they've haven't been there. So there lies some frustration." So where is Grady Little in all of this? Little did downplay comments but if there was a problem, he should have been all over the situation and squashed it before it got out of hand. I understand playing the rookies after elimination in back to back games and other things like that, but if they are playing well and you are in the hunt, why not play them. I think Kent is upset because his time is being cutback despite him leading the team in homeruns. Personally, there are several solid manager options next season and Little couldn't do anything for the team that has dropped five games this month. Maybe it isn't all him, but with a plethora of youth, you want a manager that can control those kind of emotions. Maybe Don Mattingly, or Joe Girardi?


Anonymous said...

i really wish you'd get rid of the jason grilli audio thing, god that drives me nuts

Anonymous said...

if joe torre lease,joe giradi is most likely going to be the yankees manager, and if he isn't don mattingly probably will be.
the yankees managerial spot is joe giradi's to lose in my opinio if joe torre leaves

Eli said...

alright, its gone.

Anonymous said...

Little does need to go. I seriously don't understand alot of his moves and decision making.
An ideal manager would be Kirk Gibson. He is a good stratagist, and would kick the young players in the butt.