Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mirabelli to Tigers?

Curt Schilling said that the Red Sox clubhouse were stunned that the Red Sox released Doug Mirabelli, the personal catcher of Tim Wakefield. His offense and defense have declined, but he would still make for a solid back up. The Tigers Vance Wilson will be out for Opening Day and the Tigers could use a back up, but it probably won't be Mirabelli. There are several teams looking for catchers and it is possible Mirabelli could get a tryout from a team, but at this point it seems unlikely. Mirabelli won't have any major impact on any team he joins but could help a team with some young pitchers. He communicates very well with his pitchers, as you can see with Tim Wakefield, and he could help a young team like the Diamondbacks, White Sox, or the Rangers.


Bucky, NY said...

The Redsox had to make a tough decision, Dougei can no long hit his own weight and can not throw out over 10% of his runners. Cash is younger and I think Dusty Brown has a shot at a call up this season if Cash struggles. A trade for a catcher involving Crisp would make sense as well.

Anonymous said...

"He communicates very well with his pitchers" - Heard him on the radio when he played for SD. Absolute jerk. The Padres could not wait to get rid of this guy. He is a cancer. Anyone who picks up this guy will be sorry and will drop him.