Thursday, January 4, 2007

Offseason Day 53

Steven Jackson
Ross OhlendorfAlberto Gonzalez

Day 53 Recap
- Yankees trade Randy Johnson and cash (2 million) to the Diamondbacks for Luis Vizcaino, Steven Jackson, Ross Ohlendorf, and Alberto Gonzalez.
- Yankees sign Doug Mientkiewicz
- Astros sign Mark Loretta
- Keith Foulke passes physical; signs with Indians


Eli said...

yes: jackson, ohlendorf, gonzalez

Anonymous said...

does the pic go in order of the players listed???

Anonymous said...

Mientkiewicz is a jerk (WS ball). Now that hes on the Yankee's I have two reasons to dislike him. If he dosent start 140 games he will complain. GL Yankees

Anonymous said...

how do you think Keith Foulke will do with the Indians?