Thursday, May 31, 2007

Giambi Out For Three Weeks

Jason Giambi will be out for three weeks do to a torn tissue in the arc of his foot. This is probably the best time for the Yankees to lose Giambi, because they are going to play National League teams on the road in the next week or so. Hopefully it doesn't effect the outcome too much. The Yankees expect him back by or a week into July. The Yankees will either call-up Andy Phillips or Eric Duncan to replace him on the roster. This would be a good time to showcase their prospects to struggling teams. The Yankees need relief help, so sending a solid relief pitcher over to the Yankees for one of these guys should benefit you in a year or so. Despite reports that he used steroids, Giambi is batting .262 with 7 HR and 23 RBI.

Damon on the move: According to sources in the Front Office, the Yankees are looking to trade Johnny Damon, and will shop him to one of the teams he put on his partial no trade clause. Damon hand picked tweleve teams that he would be willing to go to at the beginning of this season. A team that is looking to unload an outfielder and maybe a reliever or two should fit the Yankees needs.


Anonymous said...

yanks wont get anything in return for damon and will have to pay some of his contract to get rid of him. just another perfect example on how the yankees do not know how to sign free agents. always go for old guys who are past their prime and throw a ton of money at them. and everyone blammed the sox for not resigning him. cant wait to see clemens pitch for the yankees and struggle. they are paying him all that money and he cant even pitch against the sox in a series that actually matters to the yanks

Anonymous said...

A victory or a loss counts the same whether against the BoSox or Chisox. Emotionally the games may feel more important, but they aint.

Giambi is probably out for far longer than three weeks. And it is probably Kevin Thompson that will be called up. The Yanks do not need to get relief help elsewhere - they have two RPs who are burning up AAA - one of them Chris Britton will probably be up for the BoSox series.

Anonymous said...

the yanks do need to get some proven relief help. their bullpen is just a mess right now and is already worn out. if you think some AAA guys may save their season think again. a victory for the yanks against the sox does mean a lot cause they pick up a game right there. why pay clemens 20 million if he wont even pitch in a very important series for the yankees? the sox and yanks dont play again till i believe august after this series. the yanks need to play real good baseball and have the sox struggle in order to catch up with them. i see the yankees trying to have their own fire sale. damon and abreu could be gone by the trade deadline

Anonymous said...

The AAA guy, Britton, has MLB experience, and is better than anyone they could pick up now. He is not going to "save the season" but he can contribute and take pressure off the rest.

Clemens should be a major piece, but he isnt the sole savior. The Yanks have their top 3 pitchers healthy, and lined up for Boston, so it would be dumb to insert Clemens in there in his first start of the season. For what purpose? If the top 3 guys cant beat Boston, then they dont have a chance this year anyway.

Damon isn't going anywhere. Abreu maybe, but I doubt it. He is playing awfully, but he is a career 300/400/500 guy who was very good last year and the first few weeks this year. He is not too old, nor is he injured - so the best guess is a very bad slump that he will work out of.

Anonymous said...

well if mussina is one of the top 3 pitchers for the yanks then they are in trouble. mussina hasnt pitched well at all since the 2nd half of last season and its carried over into this season. why not start clemens? clemens wont save their season but he should pitch better than mussina if not then the yanks are in even more trouble. why do you think damon wont be traded or abreu? if abreu doesnt turn it around soon and i mean very soon he will be gone. over 200 at bats and his numbers are flat out awful. if the yanks can get a decent bullpen arm for him they would be stupid not to trade him. i just find it funny when the yanks signed clemens it meant they were going to the world series and now he cant even pitch in a series that is very important for the yanks. i dont know about u but if i was a yankee fan id rather see clemens pitching instead of mussina