Monday, March 10, 2008

Lohse Close To Finding Home?

The Kyle Lohse Story is probably a lesson to all major league agents-do not overprice a mediocre player during a mediocre free agent year. Lohse was looking for a five year, fifty million dollar deal when he first hit the market, but teams came in offering nothing close to that. One GM I talked to said the highest offer was about a three year deal, worth 7-8 million dollars annually. Boras is all about total money, so no way would he accept that. The Phillies, Orioles, Mets, and Cardinals showed varying degrees of interest over the offseason, but they were shot down. The Orioles are talking with Lohse now about a deal, but it is being reported that the Giants might go out and sign Lohse to a one year deal worth 6-7 million dollars to fill the spot that Noah Lowry had before he got hurt. This would allow Lohse to rebuild his value some, and also continue his major league career. Lohse was 9-12 last season with a 4.62 ERA, numbers that the Orioles probably do not want in their division. Not only that, but Lohse has reportedly refused to play in the AL, so playing for the Giants looks most likely. He has got to sign soon, or else he won't be ready for Spring Training.


Doubting Thomas said...

You twice use the word "reportedly", but you don't tell us where the report came from, or who's doing the reporting.

And you say you spoke with an AL GM, yet no where on your site do you tell us who you are (or even anything about your site). You don't even own your own domain name.

I'm not accusing you of this, but it doesn't take much to give off the impression that you're simply making up your sources.

It'd serve you well to at least lend yourself credibilty by buying the URL, and giving some background info on you and/or your site. Without it, it looks more like an attempt to rake in a few ad bucks with unnamed name-dropping than a legit rumor clearinghouse site with believable sources.

Anonymous said...

You really need to find a new source for your Giants information. The Giants would give Sanchez, Correia, and Hennessey a serious look before they signed anyone.

Eli said...

I do own my own domain

My name is Eli...look who posted it.

Also, I have met several GMs, nearly half, since nov. 2006 when the site opened.

but your complaint is duly noted, and I will look into getting an about the site up soon.

Anonymous said...

Eli, Don't let these jealous haters get to you man. Funny how you can find jealousy everywhere, even on the internet. You run a nice, decent site here. Keep up the good work. For every hater, there are 100 cool people.

Anonymous said...

Doubting Thomas, it's a RUMOR site, not a sports news site. Eli CAN'T always divulge sources and sometimes is simply repeating the rumors he has been made aware of. All in all, he's about as accurate as the big-budget boys. Oh, and could you please explain "unnamed name dropping?" I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

what he means is that you have to say where it was reported. Did his sources tell him? Or, did he get it from another place. If he did, than he has to at least give that place credit by posting the name.

Eli said...

When it comes from somewhere else, it will have a link. otherwise, it is mine. Most of my sources prefer I do not use their name, if they do not mind, i will tell you.

doubting thomas said...

It still doesn't totally ring true. And it has nothing to do with jealousy or being a hater.

Essentially it comes down to this - there's no last name to go with Eli's first name. So there's no way for anyone to ever confirm/deny his claim of having inside info from scouts and GMs.

I could just as easily start a free blog and post random rumors from unnamed sources and visitors to the site would be left to choose to believe me at my word or question me because of my inconspicuous unwillingness to divulge any info about myself.

Again, I'm not making any accusations, I'm simply saying that the lack of certain foundation credentials (like an explanation of how you know so many GMs and scouts to regularly be chatting it up with them) makes your site far less credible than if you posted such info.

Eli said...

I can tell you are a new reader because I was at the Winter Meetings in December and had the opportunity to talk with several GMs, and executives. Along with that, I met a lot of reports who were impressed by my story and site. Although it may not have the best content, it is pretty impressive for a 17 yr old. If you look at my interviews, you can see that I have intereviewed several GMs, and have more coming. Furthermore, I talk with reporters and agents regulary, and catch fillers that way as well.

As for my full name, Eli is all you need to know. It is how I end every email and letter. It is how people know me. Sort of like Ichiro, but not as extreme, or cool.

If you want to send me an email, it is I will tell you my full name, most of the people I talk to, and other things like that. I will not do that here. But i love talking about this stuff so I would definitely give you my story and the sites story.