Monday, March 10, 2008

Marquis and Fuld for Crisp?

According to, the Cubs are offering Jason Marquis and Sam Fuld to the Red Sox for Coco Crisp. Don't get excited, because it is not happening. Although Marquis would help their rotation, Fuld is nothing but a "AAAA" player, meaning he can do well in Triple-A, but he cannot cut it in the big leagues. The Red Sox are looking for some bullpen help, along with a starter, and possibly another minor league player. The Cubs are definitely looking for an outfielder, but I think they should look for a back up to platoon with Pie. Pie is looking very good this spring after shortening up his swing, and bringing in someone like Ryan Spilborghs would make that lineup that much better. Ryan Dempster and Jon Lieber are pitching very well and will probably win the jobs. That would then lead to a Marquis trade, because he refuses to go to the bullpen. Although I prefer to see prospect Sean Gallagher win one of the spots, some time in the bullpen or down in Triple-A might help. Rich Hill will be nothing special until he can get his confidence up. He is way to inconsistent to be anything to rely on. I expect a Brian Roberts trade to happen-the Cubs are determined to get it done, they are just waiting for the Orioles to pick the players.


Anonymous said...

It's a little early to label Fuld a "AAAA" player, Eli. He's seen very limited MLB action and still has a pretty good upside. Pie has had a few good games, but he had a pretty good spring last year too and didn't carry it through to the regular season.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, the outlook on Sam Fuld seems to change faster than Roger Clemens' public image. Nobody had even heard of this guy before his September call-up.

A couple of good catches in the big-leagues, and a smokin' Arizona fall league performance, and he's suddenly got a shot at starting for the Cubs in 2008.

A slow start in spring training, and now he's a washout.

Granted, he's pretty old for a prospect, but I'm not sure it's fair to call him a 'AAAA' player when he's played a grand total of 14 games at AAA. If the Red Sox don't want him, that's fine. I'm willing to wait for a year and see what he can do in the Cubs organization.

Anonymous said...

yeah but sam fuld had that catch in the ivy... they gotta keep him

Anonymous said...

Marquis/Fuld for Crisp would be a steal for the Cubs...And with Marquis gone--take him elsewhere, please--that would hopefully allow
Sean Marshall to stick around a while.