Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 Angel Projections

DH Juan Rivera
.285 AVG, 14 HR, 75 RBI
C Mike Napoli
.280 AVG, 21 HR, 72 RBI
1B Shea Hillenbrand
.268 AVG, 19 HR, 79 RBI
2B Howie Kendrick
.313 AVG, 23 HR, 84 RBI
3B Chone Figgins
.292 AVG, 11 HR, 58 RBI
SS Orlando Cabrera
.259 AVG, 10 HR, 65 RBI
LF Garrett Anderson
.277 AVG 14 HR, 88 RBI
CF Gary Matthews Jr.
.271 AVG, 15 HR, 66 RBI
RF Vladimir Guerrero
.318 AVG, 36 HR, 123 RBI

P John Lackey
14-9 W-L, 3.87 ERA, 161 K
P Kelvim Escobar
12-8 W-L, 3.72 ERA, 136 K
P Ervin Santana
14-9 W-L, 3.81 ERA, 152 K
P Jered Weaver
13-5 W-L, 2.99 ERA, 144 K
P Bartolo Colon
10-10 W-L, 4.59 ERA, 126 K


Juan Rivera will not be ready for Opening Day; therefore, Casey Kotchman will start at 1B, and Shea Hillenbrand would be the DH.

Kotchman Projection

.249 AVG, 9 HR, 42 RBI


Anonymous said...

these are actually pretty realistic...use them for fantasy

Anonymous said...

im gonna use this for fantasy thanks

Anonymous said...

ur doin totals, but to start, kotchman will start over rivera

Anonymous said...

can you do a red sox projection? including starting pitching too? would be interesting to see whaty ou think

Anonymous said...

interested to see what your cubs projections are gonna be

Eli said...

will do...
i have some ones already done:
ill get working on those

Anonymous said...

Eli if you get a chance do the Indians, thank you.

Anonymous said...

the indians are done and up

Anonymous said...

any way u can get some mets projections?