Friday, October 26, 2007

Braves Could Trade For Benched Crisp

The Red Sox have given up on Coco Crisp because of rookie outfielder Jacoby Ellisbury, and will look to trade him. There has been speculation that he will go to the Nationals, but it seems the Braves and Phillies are also interested. The Braves plan on letting Jones walk and will pursue Crisp for prospects. Crisp is under contract til 2009 making 10.5 million dollars with an 8 million dollar option for 2010. This will be the only thing holding a trade back, but I think they will get something done. Crisp batted .268 with 6 HR and 60 RBI, but is a switch hitter with some lead off experience. He would be a huge downgrade from Jones, but would only be a stopgap for prospect Jordon Schafer, who is in Single-A. The Braves will not give up much for Crisp, but I think they are the front-runner to land him.


D'Andre Williams said...

The only way the Braves would do this trade is if the Red Sox's take some of Crisp salary. Brent Lillibridge (all-star SS) has also been rumored to play some CF in the AFL, when he recovers from a wrist injury.

Anonymous said...

WOW it makes too much sense to happen.

Anonymous said...

Crisp is a lot better than he showed this year. A healthy, full season in the NL there is no reason he cant hit .300 steal 30 bases and be a solid leadoff hitter. He would be a good fit for the Braves. His trade value is definitely down right now and if the Sox want anything good in return they will probably need to pick up some of his salary.