Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's Wrong With Pierre?

The Dodgers have recently suggested that they will move Juan Pierre to left to make room for a free agent center fielder like Torii Hunter or Andruw Jones. That doesn't make sense to me, and many others who have heard this story. Pierre played in all 162 games for the Dodgers and made five errors while batted .293 with 0 HR 41 RBI, 64 SB, and a .331 OBP. Matt Kemp will be playing right field and if Pierre is moved to left, Ethier will be without a spot. Ethier is growing into a solid power hitter, with the potential to hit 20+ homeruns and hit around the .300 mark. Yes bringing in Hunter or Jones would help their lineup, but with Pierre's salary and Schmidt's salary, it doesn't look good in the long run. Maybe trading Ethier and Kershaw could bring in a solid pitcher and that would make room for one of these free agents, but they should make sure they have one near signing so they do not throw away two potent prospects for nothing. Personally, if they added a solid third baseman through trades or on the free agent market they would better off leaving Ethier, Pierre, and Kemp. Not only does it save money, but they will have control over them longer and are already making an impact in the lineup.


Anonymous said...

they should go young...they do not need a big player. the way their contracts that are big have failed shoudl say something.

timy1 said...

the dodgers are in a great situation compared to every other team b/c they are loaded with prospects. It's ridiculous in my mind to have that many "major league" ready players and not use/trade them. Ned Colletti should stop being cheap, pull the trigger and trade for a position player they need.

And stop mimicking Brian Sabean by building through FA! Look at how the Giants are doing, and remember Luis Gonzo, and Schmidt.