Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why Isn't Cashman Blamed?

After the Yankees failed to win the World Series for the seventh straight season, the Yankees are on the verge of letting their best manager in history walk away. But, no one seems to understand why Torre is being let go. He is a winner, comes to manage every single game, and has been in the playoffs every year he has managed the Yankees. They have been given a pretty decent team most years, but why isn't Brian Cashman blamed for any of these mistakes? Here is the answer: Brian Cashman isn't making any decisions. He is just a spokesman or the in between guy for negotiations with players and the Steinbrenner's. Why isn't he blamed for Roger Clemens, Kei Igawa, or the commitment the Yankees have to Jason Giambi, a .236 hitter? Can you expect to win a World Series with two consistent pitchers and three struggling ones? No, you cannot, and why didn't Cashman pull a trade to help out the rotation? Because the Steinbrenner's are not letting him. They are in full control of the team while Cashman is just the face you put on the decisions. No coaching staff could have lead this team a World Series. Not La Russa, whose World Series Champions last year finished third this year, Don Mattingly, or Joe Girardi. You can tell from his face that he is stressed, and is pushed around by The Boss. Not only that, but if Joe Torre leaves, you could see what happened to the Yankees in the mid-eighties when a good manager left and bad one was brought in. Rivera, Posada, Clemens, and Pettitte could all walk, along with Rodriguez leaving the Yankees in ruins, despite some solid young players. Then, you could even see Mike Mussina retire-he is thirty eight and has one year left on his contract. So when did that change? When Joe Torre became manager. I think that should say something in itself.


timy1 said...

if this is the case, why does he still have a job? he is basically some puppet who gets paid GM money.

anyways i can care less about the Yanks. If they are going to suck for years to come, it will be good for baseball in general. Let's see some other AL east teams compete.

Anonymous said...

first off to timothy, the yankees will not suck next year regardless of this offseason. even if they dont get arod or posada back, they will still have one of the better lineups in baseball.

their rotation will consist of a wang/pettite(hopefully/hughes/kennedy/chamberlain
and throw a mussina in there.

if mo leaves, they can go out and find a closer, or have one come from within the system like jb brent cox or maybe use chamberlain.

the fact of the mattter about this post is, cashman isnt being blamed first off cause his contract isn't up like torre's is.

cashman has been under fire previous years, just as joe torre has been. he still is under fire, just the spotlight is on torre right now cause of mr steinbrenner's comments about him.

thats all.