Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dodgers To Fire Little?

The Dodgers are intrigued by the possibility of having Joe Torre as their next manager. Grady Little had little control over his clubhouse towards the end of the season and it seemed likely that he would be let go. Owner Frank McCourt knows Torre will not be on the market for long and would be smart to pick him up early. However, if Torre is not interested, it is possible to see Little still fired and go after Girardi or Mattingly, if either is passed up for the Yankees job. I see them going after Girardi before Mattingly because Girardi has experience managing younger players. The Dodgers finished with an 82-80 record, never really had to deal with. Nonetheless, if Torre is interested in the job, they would sign him in a heart beat.


Anonymous said...

Grady Little is such a horrible manager. The Dodgers should have fired him when the season ended.
Although there was some public issues between the young and old players, Little claimed that nothing was wrong! What? Little had no idea how to manage his daily lineups, and it seemed like he always made the wrong decisions.
How many more games could LA have won if they gave Chad Billingsly all of Brett Tomko and Mark Hendrickson's starts?
Little is most famous for leaving Pedro Martinez in a game too long. He handled his starters the same way in LA, and when they were finally relieved it was always too late.

HBdodgerDude said...

What are you smokin' - Grady Little (650k per year) may be gone (i can only hope) but there is no way that McCourt will pay Joe Torre (7M+ per year) kind of money. I just don't see Joe Torre as the next Dodger manager.

Damien Stepick said...

Not only will you need to give Joe $7 million+, but you'll need to give him at least $150 million to win.

I am a Yankees fan and I am telling you, while I love the man and he's a great manager of egos and people, he is not the greatest manager of the game.

It's just the plain old truth and I get some serious slack for saying it, but I stand true to my feelings!