Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Report: A's Sign Thomas

According to sources and confirmed by Yahoo! Sports, the A's are set to sign Frank Thomas. Thomas, who has 516 home runs, was released by the Blue Jays three days ago after being benched. Thomas believed that the Blue Jays were trying to save money, and that is why they released him. Thomas would have made 10 million dollars if he made 304 plate appearances, so benching him would have prevented that. Thomas, like several other A's, are known for being slow starters. Bringing him in and giving him the spot he hit 39 homeruns in should help the A's as they continue to play well. This signing may show that there was some interest in Barry Bonds, but probably not anymore. This signing might also lead to Jack Cust being traded, maybe to San Francisco.

UPDATE: Thomas is deciding between the A's and a mystery team.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see he found a job, I'd hate to see his careerr end like that.

John said...

they havent signed him just yet. latest report is he's deciding between the A's and a mystery team. Possibly the Mariners or Rangers.

Anonymous said...

Cust to SF??????????????????????????

What the hell is your problem???

Get a friggen clue!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....relax dude