Monday, April 7, 2008

Will The Angels Trade Rodriguez?

Angels closer Fransisco Rodriguez has openly said that he will likely test the free agent waters, meaning he will likely be shopped around at the trade deadline. However, will teams interested in the closer trade their prospects away if they know he is likely to test the market? Rodriguez is battling a sore ankle right now, and if it requires DL time, you would think the Angels would try and lock him up, at least to a two or three year extension: "He tweaked it a couple of days ago, and we're going to look at it closely," Scioscia said. "But it is a little sore." In seven seasons as an Angel, Rodriguez is 21-14 with a 2.35 ERA and 149 saves.

I think one problem he has, which will require tweaking, is his delivery. He steps so hard towards home that his ankle is sore, and I think one adjustment would be a switch to a "LaTroy Hawkins" like delivery. Hawkins has a similar delivery, but he does not bring his leg as high, or step as hard towards home. However, he keeps his mitt in the middle of his chest, something Rodriguez does well, and they both have solid downward movement on their pitches. I doubt he will go to Hawkins' style, but we could see his wind up slow down some so he can avoid bothering his ankle even more.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot, why would the Angels, who want to win the World Series this year, trade their All-Star closer at mid-season?? "He will likely be shopped,"is the stupidest statement I've read today

Anonymous said...

The Angels do want to win a World Series this year, but so does every other team. If they see that there is little hope to sign him, they might trade him for a couple solid prospects, to put them in a place for the future.

I doubt they will trade him though.

E Silv said...

1. to say it is the stupidest statement ever is stupid because stupidest isn't even a word!
2. K Rod looks to be losing his stuff this year and it would not be surprising if the Angels feel they need to bolster their future with the help of scot shields in the pen and youngster darren o'day