Wednesday, May 21, 2008

White Sox Still Interested In Figgins

The White Sox have expressed interested in Angels infielder Chone Figgins for nearly a year. His speed, consistency, and above average fielding makes him a desirable lead off man for the Sox. Crede is hitting .275 with 8 HR in 42 games this season, and it is likely they will trade him if he continues to hit well by the trade deadline. The Giants remain interested in acquiring Crede, but the Brewers have shown some interest as well. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Angels are interested in signing free agent to be Joe Crede this coming off season and moving Brandon Wood back to his original position at shortstop.

This would not be a problem if Josh Fields was doing well at Triple-A, but he is hitting just .240 with 4 HR. If the White Sox packaged a pair of prospects with a reliever, they might be able to land Figgins for an infield role. Figgins is hitting .306 with 0 HR in 32 games this season, but has an OBP of .421. The White Sox will continue to build up Crede's value to the deadline, but do not be surprised if either player is traded following the All-Star Game.

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Anonymous said...

i'm no sporting genius but i can't see the angels moving chone figgins. i would imagine they will try to retain his services come season end. the angels don't really have a viable lead off option other than figgins or maybe reggie willits, but with the outfield crowded the way it is i don't really see any way to incorporate willits on any kind of regular basis. then there's matthews jr. who just isn't a leadoff guy though they do use him there when they need to.. which, i believe, just goes to show that they don't really have another viable option past figgins.

lets say they do decide to move figgins or not re-sign him. so wood goes to SS and then as you suggest they sign crede, which i really don't see happening, then you have kendrick at second, kotchman at first, so where does aybar fit in to the equation? are they going to trade him too? he's proven that he can hit (though he's slumping now) and that he can be a spectacular defender. so where does he go? how about izturis? i'd imagine he could conceivably retain a utility infielder role, but that would probably go to aybar even though aybar, i believe, has proven that he's an everyday shortstop and by all indications the angels front office feels the same way.

i just don't see them jettisoning a proven figgins and going with the close your eyes and pray technique that they exhibited with dallas mcpherson, in this case with brandon wood. the only thing wood has proven at the major league level to this point is that he can't hit breaking balls and strikes out entirely too much. before you set in with his proven track record in the minors think back to mr. mcpherson.

plus with all the health difficulties that the angel infield has experienced this year i can't imagine them moving figgins and removing one of their layers of defense against the injury bug that they seem to be so stricken by.

it doesn't seem plausible.