Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Angels Join Teixeira Hunt

The Angels are looking for a solid power hitter after striking out on Adam Dunn and are planning to pursue Mark Teixeira, if he becomes available. Texeira would put that team over the top in the AL West and would help them pull farther away from the Rangers, A's, and Mariners. If they can't claw Teixeira away from the Rangers, they may also look at Ken Griffey Jr., Elijah Dukes, and possibly Jacque Jones. However, I am convinced that Bill Stoneman will do everything possible to acquire a power hitter.


Anonymous said...

are you stupid?
like the rangers would trade into THEIR OWN LEAGUE to make the best team in their league better.

think about it.
the angels can try all they want, but it won't happen

Anonymous said...

We're talking the Rangers here . . . MENSA they're not. Just maybe the Rangers will think ahead for once . . . unload Tex - wherever - and get some pitching!!!