Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who Isn't a GM Winner!

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Who Isn't a GM Contest. I had over 250 trade proposals and I looked over each one. All of them were pretty good, but I have to reward the one that stood out the most. So I am happy to announce that eleven year old Michael Lenson will be taking home a Authentic Twins Jersey. his trade involved the Twins and the Nationals:

Twins trade: Nick Blackburn and Garrett Guzman
Nationals trade: Dmitri Young and John Lannan.

This will not be the last contest and I will be announcing the next one soon! Thanks for participating.



Shaun said...

uhhhhh that trade is a joke..and this contest is fixed

timy1 said...

i guess if you're desperate for hitting like the Twins you must give to get Dmitri.
But heck, what do i know. i'm assuming The Twins have boat load of minor league talen to throw around. and if they do, why not just get Dunn? tehy if you dont resign him, they you'll get a compensation 1st round pick.

Anonymous said...

ELis pick sucked balls
GEt to camp if this shit keeps on happenin