Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Giants Looking Big

The Giants were very to happy to hear today that the Braves will not resign Andruw Jones, making him one of the top free agents. The Giants have said that they hope to go the free agent route, but more the trade route to improve their team. Throwing a five year deal, worth 75 million dollars at Jones, a .222 hitter, might be able to land him if you throw in a lot of incentives and bonuses. Also, trading Matt Cain and a minor leaguer for Miguel Cabrera would settle the problem at third base. Then you have Zito, Lincecum, Correia, Lowry, and a free agent, maybe even a young gun to man the rotation. Furthermore, if they are able to trade Dave Roberts, and sign someone like Scott Linebrink, who pitched with the Padres when Bochy managed them, would work very nicely. Then, there lineup would look something like this:

C Bengie Molina
1B Travis Ishikawa/Free Agent
2B Kevin Frandsen/Ray Durham
3B Miguel Cabrera
SS Free Agent
OF Rajai Davis
OF Andruw Jones
OF Randy Winn

P Barry Zito
P Tim Lincecum
P Kevin Correia
P Noah Lowry
P Free Agent/Minor Leaguer

From there, they could look to give top prospect Travis Ishikawa a shot at first base, but if that doesn't work they could try and sign someone like Sean Casey as a stopgap for him. They will probably hold on to Omar Vizquel mostly because of his glove, but they could always platoon him with someone else. It is possible to let him go and try and sign Cesar Izturis at a low cost because he is coming off a bad year. The Giants do have money to spend and will be aggressive hoping to get going now that the Barry Bonds era is over. Making some big changes will definitely put them back in the race, and make the NL West very, very interesting.


Anonymous said...

could you imagine five good teams in the NL West, omg.

i think ishikawa is a year away...maybe neikro?

Josh Jones said...

No way it takes $17M a year to sign Andruw

timy1 said...

first of all, thanks for posting something about the Giants.

niekro isnt a hitter anymore. he's trying to be a knuckleballer pitcher.

i think 15M a year is too low just b/c it's MLB free agency. there must be other teams who will shell out money to bank on his potential.

The Miguel trade i would do in a heartbeat. Depending on what the other minor leaguer is, the trade seems bad for the Marlins. Miguel being an all star, and real young.

i never thought Travis Ishikawa as a top prospect in general. Of course he is a top prospect for the Giants b/c their minor league system sucks. I remember this year the Giants platooned Dan Ortmeier at 1B.

Anonymous said...

Matt Cain? Cain? Lowry is the one being shopped around. No way Cain is traded. It's their best starter. And 1st base is Ortmeier. How can u forget Ortmeier. gezz

Anonymous said...

i think neikro is back..check triple-a

BaseballTalkPro said...

Andruw Jones might have a few good years left on him but he certainly lacked hustle this years. I'd like to see Barry Bonds in Atlanta because as a Phillies fan, I see the Braves live several times per year and my buddy who's a Giant's and Barry Bonds fan is upset he's not going to get to sit in Barry's section anymore.

Anonymous said...

The giants don't need another overpriced outfielder like jones. And there is no way they will trade cain.