Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Would Glavine Go to Washington?

Although many expect Tom Glavine to exercise his 13 million dollar player option for one more year with the Mets, it is possible to see him opt out and finish his career where he wants. You would think that would mean the Braves because it is where he pitched most of his career, it is where his family is, and he has good friends there, including John Smoltz. However, Nationals president Stan Kasten is a good friend of Glavine's from his time in Atlanta and could lure him to their new stadium for one year, around 10-11 million dollars to work with some of their young pitchers and lead that rotation. He would stay in the division, do wonders for that staff, and possibly break into coaching if some of those young pitchers improve from his work. He was 13-8 with a 4.45 ERA and 89 K and could probably put up similar numbers for another year, but the Nationals do not have the best hitting or bullpen. They rank thirteenth in the league in average, last in homeruns, and fifteenth in RBIs. For the bullpen, they had forty-six saves in seventy-three opportunities, last in the league in strikeouts, and forth in the league in homeruns given up. Obviously the Nationals would have to improve or Glavine would have to have his stuff for him to be successful, but I think Glavine knows better than all that the Nationals are not the smartest choice for a veteran who relies on good offense and an even better defense. I expect him to continue on in his career because he doesn't want to finish his career on a sour note, so if he doesn't stay with the Mets, expect him to go to the Braves, and them only.

Source: ESPN Insider


Anonymous said...

doubt it

Anonymous said...

The Nationals had the ninth best bullpen in the Major Leagues this year and 27-25 in one-run games.

Look it up.

John Y. said...

Thats right... the Nats had one the best and most underrated bullpens in baseball.

Anonymous said...

The nats were the 20th worst team this year.
Why that sounds bad, take this into consideration, can you name a single pitcher on the staff. Probably not. Their ace this year, john patterson didn't even pitch in more than 7 games and he was ineffective. All this when at the same time BSPN was throwing some numbers out there like the nats are going to lose 120+ games. I think it was a great year for the nats at 72 wins. The nats have alreadly said they would spend money going into the new park, and Aaron rowands name has been with the nats alot. He said he would enjoy playing in washington. i think Galvine would come for a year and be a player coach.