Friday, May 8, 2009

Cubs' Ramirez Exits With Injury

Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez has left the game in the bottom of the third inning with what looked to be a separated shoulder. Ramirez extended his body to make a diving play and came up in excruciating pain holding the bicep/shoulder area. He was on the ground for over a minute before being helped up. The team trainer was holding the injured arm as they walked off the field.

More on this as it comes out.

If Ramirez goes on the DL for an extended amount of time, the Cubs would likely platoon Scales and Miles as second while platooning newly acquired utility man Ryan Freel and Mike Fontenot at third base. Not the best combination, especially with Soto and Bradley not hitting the ball well.

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Jeremy said...

With Aramis out for at least a month, any chance chance we'll see Josh Vitters?

Eli said...

Vitters is hitting .327 with 3 HR in 98 at-bats at Class A Peoria. He is going to be 20 in August, and I think the Cubs will call him up to Class A Daytona or Double-A Tennessee before he gets the call up.

The Cubs aren't ones to make an unconventional move and call up a top prospect from Single-A. There really aren't any options at the top of the system in the infield. They have what they have, for now.

Jeremy said...

So any chance we'll see Vitters this year or any time soon, or is he still a few years away?

Eli said...

Assuming he stays healthy, he would probably follow this path:

2009- end at Double-A.
2010- start in High-A, go to AA, finish AAA (final 20 or so games)
2011 - start in AAA, possible call up midseason.
2012 - start in AAA, up with MLB.
2013- MLB

A lot depends on the need of the club too. the cubs have some good, young players that are older and project better at third base. if a young player knocks aramis off third base, vitters could be forced to switch elsewhere. he'll be going on 24 at the start of the 2013 season...not bad.

Anonymous said...

"if healthy"

this kid will have to stay healthy and keep producing...we'll see what happens

interesting projectiong though

Anonymous said...

" There really aren't any options at the top of the system in the infield."

Boy, ain't that the truth. If this had happened in the last few seasons, the would have had the option of Scott Moore or Casey McGeehee, two fairly polished (with low upside) players who could probably have stepped in and done a servicable job in the field and at the plate. This year, there's just nothing in the tank at 3rd until you get all the way down to mid-A ball. Bad luck, and maybe some mismanagement on the part of the organization.

Eli said...

they have a very young farm system