Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red Sox Sign Matsuzaka

The Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka have agreed to a six year deal, worth 52 million dollars. Owner John Henry and Theo Epstein went to L.A. Monday in hopes of striking a deal and then fly back with Matsuzaka for a physical and press conference. Matsuzaka, 26, was posted by the Seibu Lions last month and the Red Sox posted the highest bid at 51.1 million dollars. The former WBC MVP will join their rotation in the number two or three spot.
Matsuzaka's Career With The Seibu Lions

2006 17-5 2.13 200 186.3
2005 14-13 2.30 226 215.0
2004 10-6 2.90 127 146.0
2003 16-7 2.83 215 194.0
2002 6-2 3.68 78 73.3
2001 15-14 3.60 214 240.3
2000 14-7 3.97 144 167.6
1999 16-5 2.60 151 180.0


Anonymous said...

matsuzaka hands down

Anonymous said...

we will enjoy igawa!

igawa v. matsuzaka showdown

Anonymous said...


enjoy igawa

sox in 07

Anonymous said...

i really thought he was not going to boston, damn

go yanks

KL said...


Anonymous said...

now we can all sleep easy knowing that the Red Sox signed Matsuzaka, too bad he will still struggle his first season.

Eli said...

i agree, or he will get 9-11 wins with like 7 losses. i think he will turn into a bright star, but it will take a year or two. as for igawa, i see him like nomo, a good year or two, but then fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Notice 180 IP per year is his sweet spot, which is good for about 25-30 starts.