Thursday, December 7, 2006

Royals Sign Gil Meche

According to Kansas City Star, the Royals have agreed to a five year deal, worth about 55-60 million dollars with free agent pitcher Gil Meche. He was 11-8 for the Mariners last season with a 4.48 ERA. The Blue Jays and Cubs were also looking to sign Meche.

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Anonymous said...

Wow the Royals rotation is starting to look decent. If they sign Miguel Batista they will have a solid rotation. Props to Dayton Moore. Ever since he replaced Allard Baird as the GM in KC the Royals have improved dramatically. He has made so may good,small trades and then today he makes a big splash signing Meche and offering Batista a monster contract he probably doesn't deserve but how many picthers are actually worth 8 million a year?