Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Team by Team Updates from Orlando

Angels: After signing Gary Matthews to a five year deal, the Angels have kept fairly quiet. GM Bill Stoneman arrived late Monday and had minor discussions with a couple different teams. The Angels are tossing names around like Bartolo Colon and Felix Rodriguez in hopes of acquiring a bat. But other than just rumors, there has been no news to report.

Astros: The latest news from the Winter Meetings for the Astros is that Andy Pettitte wants to pitch next year and is leaning towards returning to the Astros. This could influence Roger Clemens decision on whether he wants to return to Boston, New York, Houston, or just retire. The Astros are also discussing a possible trade for Jason Jennings.

Athletics: The A's appear to be the number one team to sign Mike Piazza as their DH. The deal is a two year deal worth 15 million dollars. They are also working on a deal with Alan Embree.

Blue Jays: The Blue Jays are desperately trying to retain Ted Lilly but it appears that the Cubs are the favorite. Lilly has received a four year offer, worth 40 million dollars. "That's just hearsay from our end," Ricciardi said. "I personally talked to Ted Lilly on Saturday and had a great conversation with him. That's really all I can go on." The Blue Jays are also targeting Gil Meche, and are talking with the White Sox about trading Vernon Wells.

Braves: Reports from Orlando are saying that the Braves may look to trade Adam LaRoche and Marcus Giles. However, there are also rumors concerning Andruw Jones as well. It appears that GM John Schuerholz will look to trades before signings.

Brewers: The Brewers have been talking with teams about trading Geoff Jenkins or Kevin Mench, and have heard the Red Sox are interested in acquiring Derrek Turnbow. The Brewers are also interested in signing Kenny Lofton. They also are working a deal with Tony Graffanino who appears to be staying in Milwaukee.

Cardinals: The Cardinals have inked a five year, 65 million dollar deal with Chris Carpenter. The also plan to meet with Jason Schmidt. Other than that, the Cardinals have been relatively quiet.

Cubs: The Cubs have made an offer to Ted Lilly at an estimated 40 million over four years. They are also looking into Jason Schmidt and Gil Meche. They are also looking to trade Jacque Jones, have inquired about Jason Jennings, and may look to sign outfielders Cliff Floyd and Kenny Lofton.

Devil Rays: The Devil Rays main priority is to build their bullpen. However, that has not stopped them from looking to trade Rocco Baldelli, Jorge Cantu, or Carl Crawford. They are also working on a deal to sign Akinori Iwamura.

Diamondbacks: The Dbacks have been very quiet, hoping they could possibly sign Mark Mulder. The have also met with the agents of Keith Foulke.

Dodgers: The Dodgers appear to be interested in Jason Schmidt and have only had few conversations. On Monday, the Dodgers and Red Sox were talking about a trade for Manny Ramirez, but according to Colletti, the deal has a less than "5 percent" chance of getting done. They are close to finalizing a deal with Mike Lieberthal and rookie closer Takashi Saito.

Giants: The Giants have signed numerous players over the past week and have just began to finalize them. They have signed Dave Roberts, Rich Aurilia, Bengie Molina, and have resigned Pedro Feliz. The Giants are looking into signing Ryan Klesko, and have inquired about the Mariners Richie Sexon and the Cubs Jacque Jones.

Indians: Joe Borowski will take a physical either today or tomorrow for the Indians and then he will sign a one year deal. However, they will still look into signing Octavio Dotel or Keith Foulke. The Indians are really focusing on pitching and beefing up their bullpen after signing Dellucci.

Mariners: The Mariners are in hot pursuit of two pitchers. They plan to meet with Jason Schmidt and appear to be the favorites if the Cubs sign Lilly. However, Schmidt has said he wants to win now and has no problem leaving the West Coast. They are also looking to trade for Jason Jennings, but so are several other teams.

Marlins: The Marlins are showing serious interest in acquiring Rocco Baldelli. The Marlins are reluctant to part with pitching, but according to sources, Scott Olsen could get the deal done.

Mets: The Mets were in hot pursuit of Barry Zito but may have to settle for a veteran because of how high Zito's price tag is. Scott Boras is reportedly asking for a six to seven year deal, worth 102 million dollars. The Rangers seem more willing to offer the big deal.

Nationals: The Red Sox and Giants are talking a three way deal with the Nationals concerning Manny Ramirez. They would probably lose Chad Cordero and possibly acquire Noah Lowry. However it is just speculation. The Nationals Ryan Church, Jose Vidro, and Chad Cordero are all drawing interest in other trades.

Orioles: Rodrigo Lopez is on the topic of most general managers list of pitchers. The Mariners, Brewers, and Mets have all inquired about Lopez but no deal appears imminent. The Brewers have offered Kevin Mench but a formal offer will have to be sketched out. The Braves appear interested in Brian Roberts but the Orioles are reluctant to trade him.

Padres: The Padres are closing in on a deal with Greg Maddux. The deal is estimated at a one year deal worth 10 million dollars with an option for one more. They are also interested in Jason Schmidt and Ronnie Belliard.

Phillies: A frustrating off season so far might make a turn for the worst. Pat Burrell is drawing little to know interest and the Phillies continue to struggle to find pitching. Eaton only pitched in 65 innings and pitched okay when he returned. They are looking to Chicago to acquire Freddy Garcia, possibly reuniting Aaron Rowand. The Cubs might also be interested in Aaron Rowand because they are in need of a center fielder.

Pirates: The Pirates are talking with the Braves and Reds about Adam LaRoche and Adam Dunn. They have also inquired about Trot Nixon for right field. None of these deals appear to be finalized soon. The Pirates do have a slight advantage with the overload of pitching. They could acquire a decent hitter for a pitcher or two.

Rangers: The Rangers and Vicente Padilla have agreed to a three year deal, worth 33 million dollars. This will set the minimum for other second tier pitchers like Ted Lilly and Gil Meche. The Rangers also expect to make a serious run for Barry Zito, who is seeking a six year deal, worth 17 million annually.

Red Sox: The Red Sox are close to signing Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew. They also plan to finalize a deal with Daisuke Matsuzaka. Theo Epstein has also set a deadline for when he will stop trying to trade Manny Ramirez. THIS JUST IN: The Red Sox have agreed to a 5 year deal, worth 70 million dollars. I do not see Manny Ramirez being traded because the teams that are pursuing him do not have what the Red Sox want. Or they are not willing to part with what the Red Sox want.

Reds: The Reds have signed a 2 year deal, worth 5 million dollars total with Dave Weathers. Other than Weathers and Gonzalez, that is all the news from the Reds office. Adam Dunn is drawing some interest from teams but no deals have been worked out.

Rockies: The Rockies have signed LaTroy Hawkins and he will be their setup man. Several teams have inquired about Jason Jennings including the Astros, Cubs, Mariners, Mets, Rangers, and Twins. They also have interest in Kenny Lofton and Darin Erstad.

Royals: The Royals have focused on pitching, and have made an offer to Miguel Batista (3/24). They also have put Gil Meche as a top priority but it appears he will either go to the Cubs or Blue Jays.

Tigers: Jeremy Bonderman and Marcus Thames' names have come up in trades but the Tigers do not appear to be interested in trading them. They are interested in trading for Marlins pitcher Renyel Pinto. Pinto, 24, went to the Marlins last year in the Juan Pierre deal. He pitched from the bullpen most of the season.

Twins: The Twins are serious about acquiring Jason Jennings and a deal could get struck by tomorrow. With Liriano out for 2007 and Radke to retire, the Twins are looking for pitching and due to a lack of funds, will have to do it by trade. They are also working a deal to keep Rondell White.

White Sox: White Sox pitcher Brandon McCarthy may start in AAA next year unless they can trade one of their pitchers. Javier Vasquez and Freddy Garcia have both drawn a lot of interest from the Mets, Phillies, and Yankees and it is more than "50 percent" possible that one of them gets traded. The White Sox are also interested in acquiring Vernon Wells but I do not know if they have what it takes to trade him. They also have interest in Aaron Rowand.

Yankees: The Yankees have made an offer to Andy Pettitte worth 15 million for one year. The Yankees and Bernie Williams have also had minor discussions about a deal. They are also close to a deal with Kei Igawa. They have interest in Ted Lilly, Gil Meche, and Freddy Garcia (via trade).


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Anonymous said...

I love this site!

Anonymous said...

For the cubs I believe that Lily for 10 mil a year is outlandish. Considering he's only had one year when his era was lower than 4. They should save their money for a better starter like schimdt. The difference between lily and schimdt is 5 mil. Also as much as I admire Jacque performance this year we should get rid of him for a pitching prospect. The idea of getting Jennings is crazy, they should go for someone who is destined to be good. I know their isn't a lot of pitching prospect out their for sale but if you put up someone else with jones you could easily obtain a young starter. Once Jacque is gone hypothectically get floyd for a one year contract and an option. With floyd and murton in right they'll be set. Then for center field platoon pagan and Pie and if that doesn't work move soriano to center and deplatoon matt in right and place him in left again. Then stand pat for the offeason. I have good ideas. Just thought you should know.

Eli said...

you will not be able to land a second tier pitcher for less than 10 million. we have the money, and we need a pitcher. I think going after schmidt would be great, we have 30 million dollars to spend, we buy lilly, we still have twenty to spend. we are looking into floyd, meche, and schmidt, possibly lofton. if we sign lilly, we might also be able to land meche. piniella has been recruiting him. i think we will get one or the other and then go by trade. however, if jones withdraws his request to leave, he may play center. there is a great chance that the cubs sign lilly, and sign meche. the cubs are atop meche's wish list the cubs just need to offer a 3/30 to meche. PIE IS NOT READY. he needs one more full year in AAA to prove he is ready, when the cubs call him up, it will be for GOOD.

Anonymous said...

IMO...The cubs need to do 6 things!

1) Sign Schmidt

2) Sign Lily

3) Sign Lofton

4) Sign Floyd

5) Trade Jacque Jones and get his salary off the books so they can afford Schmidt instead of Meche

Floyd and Murton would platoon left and Soriano would play in right.

Thoughts, Eli???

Anonymous said...


6) Get Zambrano an extension

Eli said...

i think the cubs will sign lilly (tomorrow), and then they will work hard to either sign meche or schmidt.doing that, they will work out a deal with floyd, possibly lofton, and unload jones after the holidays (probably for prospects), then they will sign zambrano (6/80)

Anonymous said...

oh I think Z will cost a hell of a lot more than that. I'm thinking 6/90-100. He is going to win the cy young next year.

Eli said...

to be honest with you, i think zambrano will take a 6/80-85 million dollars. I also think that the Cubs are going to sign lilly, and meche will choose the cubs because of his great relationship with lou and his desire to win. (wishful thinking, just goin on my gut) it wont happen

Anonymous said...

I agree...Lou is suppossedly talking to both on the phone and I have a feeling he will help land both by tomorrow!

Eli said...

i know, i am going to bed with this gut that lilly will sign with the cubs and meche will because of lou. hopefully we have an offer on the table!

floyd and lofton I see as other acquisitons.