Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Offseason Day 23

Day 23 Recap
- Red Sox sign J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo
- Dodgers sign Takashi Saito
- Padres sign Greg Maddux
- Pettitte receives offer from Yankees (1/15)
- Indians near deal with Borowski
- Royals offer deal to Miguel Batista (3/24)
- Ryne Sandberg to manage Peoria Chiefs (Single A)


Anonymous said...

any closer for the Cubs on Meche and Lily today?

Eli said...

lilly will chose between the cubs and yanks tonight or tomorrow

Eli's number one fan (kl) said...

I read an article on the cubs outfield options. They said cliff floyd, Kenny Lofton, and Ryan Chruch(via trade) were all possiblities. Personally if they can get Church for a few medicore prospects it would be the best option. Hes only 28 and has low paying contract WHY NOT????? Who do you feel the cubs should sign for the oufield?

SEE I CAN BEHAVE. Can I have two strikes :)

Eli said...

personally, signing lofton would be the safest thing. he will be a stop gap until pie is ready and then if lofton struggles, it gives us the option to trade him, and then call up pie. as for church, he would be good off the bench. they will sign floyd to platoon with murton.