Saturday, August 16, 2008

Indians Targeting Closer?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Indians may be clearing cash to target a big name closer, perhaps Francisco Rodriguez. Although this may sound like a great idea to Indians fans, they would be smarter to trade a pair of prospects for someone like Huston Street, and then spend the money on a corner outfielder and maybe a second baseman. I spoke with Indians GM Mark Shapiro and he remains busy looking for ways to upgrade him team.

Don't be surprised if the Indians are big players on the market this off season.

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KevinGillman said...

Shapiro better be busy this offseason. He had a chance to get Carlos Quientin, Josh Hamilton or Jason Bay this past offseason, but never pulled the trigger, thinking the same group of guys can win 96 games. Never assume anything because it can always bite back. The Indians have the money to spend, their cable network STO is making them tons of money. Now their entire programming is HD, you don't do that unless you are amking some money. So now is the time to go all out and I wouldn't even be surprised if the Indians got back into the C.C. sweepstakes. They always could afford him at $20 million, or else they never would have offered him $18 million before.