Monday, August 25, 2008

Marlins' Uggla Likely Gone

Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, who has recently been benched, is up for arbitration after the season and is expected to make a lot. The Marlins, who recently rewarded Hanley Ramirez a big contract, are not interested in signing Uggla to a big deal and will try to deal him. The second base market starts off well, but falls pretty quickly. This would definitely be the year to trade Uggla, who is putting together a pretty solid year.

The Rockies, Brewers, Indians, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers will all be looking for a second baseman, and may be willing to give up a prospect or two to bring him in. Uggla has been struggling since the All-Star break but is hitting .258 with 27 HR in 116 games. The Indians would like to spend money on pitching, so it makes sense they may work a trade to bring in a fielder. Bring in Uggla would give them a fairly big bat in the five hole. With Shoppach coming into form, that could turn into a dangerous lineup with the addition of Uggla.


Anonymous said...

What about the Cardinals? They need an impact hitter and a middle infielder. Uggla is both.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the Jays land Dan Uggla. He'd be a perfect middle of the line up guy to help spark the offence. This way, you could do one of 2 things, make him an everyday DH(not advisable) or move Aaron Hill back to his natural Short Stop position to make room for Uggla on the field. Though, that'd be a HUGE defensive downgrade as Hill is a Gold Glove calibre Second Basemen, but it seems over the years that no matter who the Jays get, they play a solid defence(Glaus was solid in his tenure and Stairs was alright in Left Field last year)