Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News and Notes: Where Will Rogers Go?

  • The Tigers have placed Kenny Rogers on waivers and hope to trade him to a contender before the September 1st deadline. However, no contender is desperate for starting pitching, so he might be hard to trade. The Mets and Yankees make some sense, but any trade is unlikely.
  • Braves outfielder is drawing interest from the Phillies and Red Sox. The Braves are probably more familiar with the Phillies farm system, so a trade there makes a little more sense. However, don't rule out the Red Sox out of desperation.
  • Blue Jays fans argue whether or not to keep GM J.P. Ricciardi. He deserves the right to finish out his contract and see his smart draft choices develop into major leaguers. They could be the surprise team in 2010, lead by prospects Travis Snider and J.P. Arenciba, both whom drafted by Ricciardi.
  • Giants Beat Writer Andrew Baggarly thinks the Giants should take a chance on Mark Mulder. A one year, incentive base contract could really help the Giants. Don't forget they would reunite Mulder and Zito.
  • The Mets, Brewers, and Cubs are all possibilities for Mike Lamb, who was designated for assignment.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you watch the Jays closely or not but I do and I have been a huge Jays fan for nearly 20 years and JP Ricciardi is by far the worst GM in franchise history. He's worse then Gord Ash, at least Ash put together a team that could hit for average and power plus steal a ton of bases(Cruz Jr., Delgado, Batista, Fletcher, Mondesi, Stewart, Fullmer, Gonzalez, Bush). The only thing they lacked was quality pitching(Carpenter, Loaiza, Hamilton, Parris, Halladay plus the horrible trade of David Wells, a 20 game winner, for Mike Sirotka, a pitcher coming off of Tommy John Surgery who played a grand total of ZERO games as a Jay).

Ricciardi has hurt this team tremendously and has given false hope to fans by trading for or signing Free Agents to huge contracts who over-rated, injury plagued, unproven or over the hill (Burnett, Ryan, Thomas, Stairs, Eckstein, Rolen, Glaus). He's gone through several managers during his tenure and kept a horrible one the longest then tried disguising his mistakes by bringing in Cito Gaston.

Ricciardi's a bad con artist and anyone who follows the Jays see's right through him and the entire management team. None of them truly care if the Jays win. Out of the entire organization(management wise) the only guy who cares about the team and its fans is the owner, Ted Rogers. Everyone else are a bunch of stuck up, Wall Street wannabe's posing as baseball people.

JP Ricciardi's joke of a reign is over once the season ends, everyone knows it.