Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will The Padres Bring Back Hoffman?

Padres closer Trevor Hoffman is 1-6 with a 4.34 ERA and 26 SV in forty games this season. While he isn't having a bad year, he definitely has slowed down and might not be capable of being a closer next season. While his change up is still effective, his fastball has slowed down and is not really a go-to pitch anymore. Hoffman will be 41, but has not indicated whether or not he will pitch again.

The Padres do not have a closer waiting in the wings and could probably bring back Hoffman for a reduced price. However, expect the Padres to be very aggressive after a failed season where they missed out on several players including Kosuke Fukudome in the previous off season.


You Know Me! said...

Heath Bell...hes been pretty good.

who writes this garbage?

Eli said...

Heath is 2 for 12 in closing and had put together only two solid years. he is better in the role he is in, why mess with him?

Alec Feygin said...

hoffman is a joke now!! its sad to see someone of his former stature sink this low, but hey, thats the troughs and peaks right?