Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Sox Catching Options

The Red Sox are looking for a catcher for the future, knowing that Jason Varitek is not the answer following this season. He is hitting just .219 with 8 HR, and has only played in 96 games this season. Here are a couple options for 2009 and beyond:

Jason Saltalamachhia, Rangers: Salty is still coming into form in the majors but has done a pretty good job despite poor numbers. He wouldn't cost the Red Sox nothing more than low level pitching prospect, perhaps Daniel Bard.

Jeff Clement, Mariners: Clement has been struggling so far this season, but that hasn't stopped the Red Sox from keeping an eye on him. One thing holding a trade back is that the Mariners would rather give up Johjima than Clement.

Ronny Paulino, Pirates: Paulino was a starting catcher for the Pirates last season but struggled and is now in the minors. A change of scenery could help and he would be a lost call. If he fails as a starter, he would make for a decent backup.

There are not any solid option on the market, so they might need to settle for one of these unproven players, or veteran Jason Varitek.


Anonymous said...

OK heres a guess on the wild side:

The Red Sox will convert Kevin Yokilis to a catcher. Then they will sign Mark Texeria to play 1st
base. Or maybe just make Texeria a catcher.

Or maybe they could make a trade for Brian McCann. It would be... Bucholz, Lowrie and Bowden for McCann

Anonymous said...

Heres a walk on the wild side

The sox will sign texeria to play catcher or make youk a catcher and teex will play 1st base

Or this could happen

The sox will trade bucholz lowrie and bowden to the braves for mccann

:-) :] :>

KevinGillman said...

I think the Red Sox can have Kelly Shoppach for a good prospect Eli.

Eli said...

nice to see you back kevin, good call.

KevinGillman said...

thank you Eli, I see you changed the site a bit, good call too. I wonder if they'd give us Buccholtz for Shoppach straight up?