Sunday, November 18, 2007

Red Sox Interested In Wood

The Red Sox have expressed interested in free agent reliever Kerry Wood, according to The Cubs and Kerry Wood have not shown any signs of moving forward in negotiations and it could signal the end in Chicago for him. However, Wood has always been loyal to the Cubs and will probably let the Cubs make an offer, and counter if Wood does not like it. Wood has been injured on and off over the past couple of years but might have found a safe spot in the bullpen. Wood was 1-1 with a 3.33 ERA and 24 K, and is drawing interest from the Rangers, Reds, and Yankees. If the Red Sox do sign him, they would put him in the spot that was envisioned for Eric Gagne. The Reds might come up if the Cubs can't sign him because of his close relationship with Dusty Baker and now pitching coach Dick Pole. Personally, I think the Cubs and him will work something out.


Bucky, NY said...

If healthy this makes a lot of sense for the Redsox. He would fill that 7-8 inning role and provide a break for Papelbon in the ninth on occassion. A three year deal would probably suffice.

Anonymous said...

What are the Cubs waiting for? Wood proved he can be a useful member of their bullpen and they do need a late-inning guy so why are they screwing around and letting interest build for him?????? I love the Cubs but they drive me CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

Well as the Cubs could use him they need so much more first. Say Four other starting pitches to go with Big Z.