Monday, November 19, 2007

Red Sox Sign Lowell, Yankees Sign Rivera

The Red Sox and Mike Lowell have agreed to a three year deal, worth 37.5 million dollars. According to Peter Gammons, both the Phillies and Dodgers had offers ready at four years, but Lowell decided to return to Boston. Lowell, who was the World Series MVP, quickly became a favorite among players and fans. "Forget about A-Rod. We've got Mike Lowell in the house," Ramirez yelled out during the team's victory parade through Boston. As for the Yankees, they have agreed on their three year, 45 million dollars deal that makes Rivera the highest paid reliever in history.


Bucky, Ny said...

The signing of Lowell just shows how classy he is and how times have changed. Boston has overtaken the Yankees as the place to play. The Redsox are not done, but now that Lowell is back, Crisp for a backup catcher or Reliever is next.

Anonymous said...

i kno crisp stinx