Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tigers, Cardinals Favorites For K-Rod

According to the Boston Globe, the Tigers are already to most aggressive suitors for Francisco Rodriguez, who notched his 55th save today. Rodriguez is in line for the Cy Young Award, and is already a shoe-in for the 2008 Rolaids Relief Award. One AL GM told me that "[The Tigers] are making it known they want a top of line closer. By not naming names, they avoid a tampering suit." Don't assume the Tigers are for sure going to land Rodriguez. Owners would like to see Dombrowksi dump some payroll before they make a big investment in a closer. That would give the Cardinals plenty of time to make a move on K-Rod.

The Cardinals are also reportedly planning to pursue Francisco Rodriguez. It would make sense for Rodriguez to go the National League if he wanted to make his stats even better, but he will probably choose the highest bidder. At this point, Rodriguez is looking at at least fifteen million dollars annually over five or six years.


KevinGillman said...

no way does Rodriguez get the Cy Young, Cliff Lee is 21-2 with a 2.32 ERA. He even has just a couple more walks than Frankie has, and yet Cliff is the one who is going to work over 200 IPs.

Brett said...

I'd love for the Cardinals to get him! But they have other needs as well, and investing that much money may not make sense for St. Louis. Wonder if they signed him, if they'd still be able to fill other needs as well?