Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pirates Name Russell Manager

The Pirates are set to name John Russell their new manager, according to sources close to negotiations. Russell, who has managed the Phillies Triple-A team the past two seasons, was with the Pirates as a third base coach before Lloyd McClendon was fired. He is familiar with the organization, but was not exactly loved in Pittsburgh because of his poor judgement with runners being sent home. Personally, I think the Farrell is the better choice, but since he was not interested, I guess they feel that someone already familiar with team is best. An announcement is expect Monday, and if the team can improve, hopefully he will be able to hold the job for the next several seasons.

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Anonymous said...

A chimpanzee smoking crack could manage better than Jim Tracy. Good luck to the Pirates. There is some nice young talent on that team. When they hired Tracy, it didn't really make much sense to me. Tracy's style depends too much on patience and the homerun. With all those youngsters, they should have hired a guy who could execute hit-and-runs, run-and-hits, base-stealing. Station to station baseball amd dependency on the homerun was the wrong philosophy.