Monday, October 20, 2008

A's Chavez Wants Giambi

Athletics third baseman Eric Chavez is hoping that the A's will here his call and pursue power hitter Jason Giambi. Aside from Giambi being a power hitter and a force in the lineup, he is supposedly a great clubhouse guy who is open to working with young players. Giambi hit .247 with 32 HR in 145 games this season, but might be out of their price range a little bit. Although Giambi was injured last year, his numbers are pretty similar over the past three seasons. Giambi probably has a couple good seasons left, at least better than Jack Cust, but he won't ever return to 2002 form. 

Giambi, who is going to be thirty-eight in January, will probably get a two year deal, loaded with performance bonuses. 

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