Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saito to Cardinals?

According to the LA Daily News, the Dodgers would like to go forward with Jonathan Broxton as their closer and may trade Takashi Saito. Saito was injured for half the season and the Dodgers are worried that relying on him would only hurt their bullpen. As for possible options, any team eying Francisco Rodriguez or Brian Fuentes could look to him as a fallback. The Cardinals, who struggled without a closer this year, could trade for Saito. He went 4-4 with a 2.49 ERA and 18 SV, but he would hardly cost the Cardinals anything. 

As for other teams that could pursue Saito, the Mets, Indians, Orioles, Rockies, and Red Sox. 

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Anonymous said...

If the Dodgers don't resign him, hes going to retire. There is no way he's moving to "Missouri". He was still unsure about living in Los Angeles. You guy will write anything, do some research before you guys spit out nonsense dribble.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with missouri. they come to play baseball for six months. all they need is an apartment. so taguchi did it and loved it. kobayashi is living in cleveland, hes fine. dice-k is in boston, okajima is in boston.

6 months, they can tough it out.

you dont know anything about him, how do you know he doesnt want to go to missouri. the team, stadium, and city is pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

The Cards have a couple guys who are ready to duke it out for some bullpen spots. Bringing in Saito would do nothing buy completely screw up the potential in that bullpen mix. Not to mention it would totally put a rift in the fanbase who has finally jumped on the "let's groom our own player's" bandwagon.