Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dunn to Cubs?

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs could pursue left handed power hitter Adam Dunn. Dunn, who has hit at least forty homeruns in the past four seasons, would make the Cubs a lot better. Although he strikes out a lot, he draws a lot of walks and would fill in nicely in the four spot, not to mention take over in right field as well. While Dunn is looking for a long term mega deal, the Cubs might be able to draw him in for a two year deal worth about 14-16 million dollars annually. This would allow them to give more time to Felix Pie and Kosuke Fukudome, as well as move Ramirez to the three spot and Lee to the five spot. Dunn is a career .286 hitting in 60 games at Wrigley Field, so he could be in for a big year if he did sign with the Cubs.

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Cubsfan2009 said...

Yeah, sure, we might as well sign Sosa back while we're at it. We dont need another hit or miss free-swinger like Dunn. We already have 2 maybe 3 of them. We need average and a presence. Lee, Soriano, Marshall, Marquis, and Cedeno for Texiera and K-Rod. Makes sense for both teams, and is good money-wise. This will then allow us to go sign Mr. Abreu.

Batting Order..
1. Ryan Theriot SS
2. Kosuke Fukudome/Reed Johnson CF
3. Mark Texiera 1B
4. Aramis Ramirez 3B
5. Bobby Abreu RF
6. Geovany Soto C
7. Micah Hoffpauir LF
8. Mark Derosa 2B
9. Zambrano, Dempster, Harden, Lilly, Szamardjia

Eli said...

never, ever, ever will happen

Cubsfan2009 said...

So, it was a little far-fetched, I know. But do you really think Dunn can help this Cubs team? Wouldn't someone like Abreu or Raul Ibanez help much, much more? Dunn has too many weaknesses at the plate, which, as we have seen two years in a row in the playoffs with Soriano and Ramirez, always get picked on in the playoffs. We need consistency, not hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

it's far-fetched because both k-rod and teix. are free agents in a few weeks, along with the fact that it would be too big of a trade

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to make a giant trade shake things up at Wrigley Field. We have a good team that can't hit in the playoffs. Maybe they should trade D.Lee and whoever to get Tex...era (spelling)
Sign Depmster and Wood. Then go after lots of offense that the guys can also play defense. Not necessarily a Cubs strong suit. Except for a couple of guys.