Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cardinals Make Offer For Holliday

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cardinals offered Ryan Ludwick, Skip Schumaker, and Mitchell Boggs to the Rockies for Matt Holliday. I can't see why the Rockies wouldn't take this deal. Not only do they get an outfielder who could hit 30 homeruns, but they get two solid players who could start with the Rockies. Holliday, who hit 25 homeruns, would likely see his numbers drop somewhat playing in St. Louis. At the same time though, they could go up batting behind Albert Pujols. This deal will probably help both teams, but the Rockies would definitly have the edge intially.

The Rockies will probably counter, but a deal will probably happen within the next week or so.

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Brett said...

I hope this happens quickly. As a Cards fan, it's basically replacing Ludwick with Holliday and Shumaker with Rasmus. Holliday-Rasmus should be a much more productive OF than Luddy-Shu. Don't forget we'll still have Ankiel too.