Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rogers' Latest

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune has a great piece out highlighting a lot of news coming out of baseball:
  • Phil Rogers is hearing that Ryan Dempster could sign with the Cubs as early as Thursday. The Cubs are probably hoping to give him a three year deal, but it is likely he will get a four year deal, worth 12-14 million dollars. 
  • The Cardinals could pursue a trade for pitcher Javier Vazquez. The Cardinals have a lot of outfield depth and could trade Rick Ankiel and a prospect to land Vazquez, who would help the top half of their rotation. 
  • Mark Teixeira's agent, Scott Boras, is reportedly receiving interest from more teams than he can negotiate with. Should we expect a surprise team to get in on negotiations? The Phillies? Cubs? Rays!? Boras is probably talking his client up.
  • The Chicago Tribune refuted a Sun-Times report about Dayan Viciedo saying that Viciedo has raw tools and his commitment problems should cause teams to worry. 

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Rob said...

Do you know anything about the Phillies. Two things about the Phillies make that rumor stupid. First they don't spend money. Second they have ryan howard for 3 more years.

Lazar_89 said...

Rick Ankiel for Javier Vazquez? Cards would be getting ripped off

Eli said...


i didn't seriously toss those teams in as possibilities. However, with the growing list of teams, i was merely/joking speculating that those teams could be involved. The Cubs have Lee, the Rays have Pena, the Phillies have Howard. Teixiera is versatile, so it is possible, but highly unlikely

thanks for the comment