Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cubs After Peavy, Dempster

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are seriously looking to acquire Padres ace Jake Peavy, as well as resign Ryan Dempster. Major league sources have informed Ken Rosenthal saying that the Cubs are now leading the race for Peavy. The Cubs have the money to do it, but it would take a lot of prospects to get a deal done. They might be forced to lose Jeff Samardzjia, Carlos Marmol, or Felix Pie, as well as young top prospects like Donald Veal, Tyler Colvin, and Ryan Flaherty. The Braves and Dodgers are the two other teams that are seriously considering Peavy, and the race has only just begun.

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Anonymous said...

Even considering Peavy's salary, I doubt the Cubs have the prospects to get this done. It seems to me that they're just giving Dempster's agent something to think about. Either that, or the Cubs are concerned about Zambrano's long-term health.

Anonymous said...

they really do want Peavy. And the deal would NOT include Samardjia. He has a no trade clause and the cubs wont ask him to waive it. The deal will include Pie, Cedeno, and two of their younger top prospects, like Colvin etc..

Anonymous said...

The big problem is that the Cubs are in limbo until they solve the ownership fiasco. Why does it take 2 years to sell a team? And why can't they sell it to whomever they want. I just read that Selig won't let the Cubs be sold to Mark Cuban, why because he cares about his team? It drives me crazy.