Saturday, November 1, 2008

Source: Cubs Will Not Pursue Abreu

According to source close to Cubs executives, the Cubs have no interest in pursuing outfielder Bobby Abreu. Despite Abreu's strong year, he is a Type-A free agent and would cost the Cubs two draft picks. The Cubs are very big on making improvements through the draft, and will look elsewhere for help in the outfield. With that said, Rangers outfielder Milton Bradley was rated a Type-B free agent and has been a Cubs' target for several years. If the Cubs were to make an aggressive offer for the switch hitter, they could probably land him. He would fit in at right or center, and would help balance the Cubs' middle part of the order. 

The Mets are believed to be interested in Abreu, but several teams will likely drop out now that the rankings are out.

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Anonymous said...

"The Cubs are very big on making improvements through the draft"

Boy, I wish I could have any hope whatsoever of the Cubs making good use of their early-round draft picks, but considering the last few decades of futility in that area, I think they're better off signing whomever they can, and giving up the draft picks (though I really HATE to think that way).

I'm not sure if its the scouts that suck, or the development staff, or both, but the Cubs sure don't have a good track record of drafting and producing elite young players. Geovanny Soto is the first one I can think of since ... Mark Grace?!?

(I'm not counting Theriot, I like his game, but he's definately not elite).

Anonymous said...

- zambrano
- wood
- prior
- theriot
- soto
- guzman
- marmol
- samardzija