Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gordon Out 10-12 Weeks

Royals third baseman Alex Gordon underwent a successful surgery on a torn right labrum. "We want him to be safe, something we can take care of at the young age of 25," Hillman said. "Hopefully, he'll never have this recur again." Gordon is entering his third major league season with a .250 average and 32 homeruns in 292 career games. The Royals have a huge hole in their lineup without Alex Gordon, and it will be interesting to see if they make an addition to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

There are several veterans available that they could make a move on to help jump start their offense. Barry Bonds is one highly unlikely possibility, but guys like David Ortiz or Adrian Beltre could be available.

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Anonymous said...

what Ortiz?!?!

Eli, thats probally the worst post in a few months!!!

Eli said...

ortiz is hitting .186 with 0 HR in 43 at-bats. why wouldn't the red sox try to trade him, especially if lars anderson can start swinging the bat.

pay close to attention to "could be available"

Anonymous said...

Dude, its called a slow start, even if Ortiz doesn't put up numbers like he did in the past, its highly unlikely that he gets traded. Not just because he likes the Red Sox and they like him but also because not a lot of teams are willing to take on that type of contract for a player on the decline that can only DH.

Garrett said...

dude im pretty sure red sox fans will go crazy if they trade him

Eli said...


red sox fans love their red sox, i doubt they would boycott if a veteran slugger was traded. you have to look at the big picture, which is, papi is not the same player he was three or four years ago. he doesn't have the bat speed, power that he once had. he has two years and 25 mil left on his contract, with a club option for 2011 (no buyout)

i agree that it is a slow start, but i disagree with the assumption that ortiz will hit .300 and hit 25+ homeruns. if the red sox could clear some payroll, while adding a pair of young prospects, they could go resign jason bay (or sign matt holliday)

Anonymous said...

And it makes total sense for the Royals who are on the upswing of rebuilding to go out and trade for a declining DH. Especially when they have plenty of bats on their team and in the minors that are close to major league ready...Even if the Red Sox were trying to unload Ortiz, the Royals are not a fit.

garrett said...

yea good call anonymous thats what i was about to say the royals dont have money they can add and if the red sox are "dumping payroll" then they wouldnt eat money and im pretty sure the red sox have millions to spend since there payroll is pretty low right now