Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marlins New Stadium Approved

Miami-Dade county has voted in favor of a retractable roof stadium for the Marlins. This has been a very long process for both sides, so it is nice to see them pass this very large first hurdle. The stadium is expected to be ready by 2012, meaning construction would start sometime this year. With Hanley Ramirez, Cameron Maybin, and other young prospects under the teams control, the Miami Marlins will have a solid core of talent entering their new stadium.

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Bob Bobbert said...

isnt the Marlins the Florida Marlins or r they changin the name?

Anonymous said...

It is long overdue. From what I hear on XM radio where they are building it will be a long drive for fans in Palm Beach and even Ft. Lauderdale. But I guess that is the only place where they could get approval for the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but isn't the stadium they have now still in Miami?