Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Hits

  • In a somewhat strange story, Dontrelle Willis will begin the season on the 15 day DL due to an anxiety disorder. Willis said that he consulted with team doctors who performed a drug test that revealed reasons for concern. According to Willis and team doctors, the condition is easily treatable.
  • Kevin Gregg has won the closer role for the Cubs in an upset victory over the electrifying Carlos Marmol. Gregg has not allowed a run so far this spring and allows the Cubs to keep Marmol in the 8th inning role he excelled in last year. Lou Piniella also cited his desire to decrease Marmol's workload as another reason for his surprise decision. I wonder how this will impact Marmol's fantasy value. He racks up strikeouts and could easily become the closer if Gregg starts to struggle.
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KevinGillman said...

I hope Dontrelle gets the help that he needs and he gets everything in order before he plays baseball again. Dontrelle is good for the game and even as an Indians fan, I missed seeing him smile last year when he pitched for the Tigers. Let's hope he comes back soon and when he is truly ready.

As for Lou, does it truly surprise you Eli? The guy doesn't like to go with the younger players, no matter how talented Marmol is. But at the same time, Kevin Gregg is more valuable as a closer than he is as another reliever. But if Lous is looking to decrease Carlos some, then he wouldn't be the setup pitcher? The setup pitcher gets more work statistically than the closer does.