Saturday, February 14, 2009

Braves Eye Griffey is reporting that the Braves are making a late play for Ken Griffey Jr. and have already started discussing money with his agent. Griffey is the Braves' prime target, and the rumors that a Mariners deal is imminent were shot down by Griffey himself. Griffey would seemingly split time with Matt Diaz in left field, giving them more balance in the lineup.

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Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but wouldn't it be refreshing to have a big name player come out and admit steroid use BEFORE he gets outed in the media?

I'm not saying that Griffey ever did steroids, but IF (big if) he did, he might just be the kind of personality to lay it all on the table, ask for forgiveness and receive it.

He'd blaze his own trail to the hall of fame, IMHO. Any steroid revelations that are not of a player's own volition will put him in the same boat as Mark Macquire WRT hall of fame voting.

I'm not saying I think he ever juiced, but his career numbers, even with all the injuries during the Reds years, are quite impressive, and that has to raise questions in this era.

I'm a big Junior fan, but I'd be an even bigger one if he were the first to stand up and act like a Man.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Griffey did, but if he did, it would be shocking, and it would probably ruin baseball.

Anonymous said...

"I do not think Griffey did, but if he did, it would be shocking, and it would probably ruin baseball."

Until about a week ago, one might say the same thing about A-Rod.

There are a number of players who have amassed some incredible numbers during the steroid era. Some have been outed, and some haven't.

In my opinion, the thing that hurts baseball the most is the false denial which is subsequently refuted by evidence. Remember Rafael Palmeiro pointing his finger at members of Congress?

The best way for baseball players to heal this wound is to have people start standing up and admitting it, fully and completely.

I just picked out Griffey because he seems like a stand-up guy, who would be inclined to stop hiding, if he had done anything.