Friday, February 20, 2009

Manny Ramirez Update

Free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez is still standing pat on his demands for a multiyear deal. Ramirez has said that he has offers on the table, but it is becoming more apparent that he tends to exaggerate. The Dodgers keep telling the media that their final offer is a one year deal worth 25 million dollars. Some sources believe that if Manny Ramirez doesn't act soon, the Dodgers will look to platoon Juan Pierre with someone like Josh Willingham, an outfielder in the Nationals crowded lineup.

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KevinGillman said...

bottom line, Manny puts Dodger fans in seats, give him a multi year deal.

Eli said...

I agree, but they do not want him to get lazy. i think a two year deal worth 30 million dollars, plus incentives that could bring up to 40-45 million dollars would work. It would give him some security, as well as keep him motivated.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Yankees sign him. Get him out of the National League

Anonymous said...

This is where Manny being Manny is costing him. He's a great talent, there's no arguing that. But if I'm a GM, I wouldn't be willing to give that head-case more than a one year deal either.

I mean, what if he decides he doesn't like the batboy, and wants to be traded, and the only place he'll go is to the Cardinals, but only if they move to Las Vegas, and only if they build a ballpark with a 285' power alley in left field. And if he doesn't get all that, he's going to start running the bases backwards.

He's got a big bat, and a bigger head. I'm not sure the former is worth the latter.

KevinGillman said...

I also think having Scott Boras, who doesn't have a good reputation working well with owners himself hurts him too.