Monday, February 2, 2009

Cabrera A Fit In Miami?

Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera, who is out options, could be traded by the Yankees if they feel he isn't ready to play everyday. He hit .249 in 129 games last season, but is just 24 years old. The Marlins would be smart to look into his availability, despite promising young prospect Cameron Maybin waiting in the wings. Cabrera is a switch-hitter and could find more success in the National League.

The Yankees might just hold on to him, but a midseason trade is possible if players stay healthy and Cabrera can't break the lineup. 

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Luke said...

Bull! Come on Eli, Maybin is going to rule the world this year and Melky is nothing more than a bust.

Anonymous said...

Maybin, Ross and Hermida sounds like a pretty set outfield, and they also have John Raynor and Mike Stanton in the minors as well. Where did you think of the Marlins from?