Thursday, February 26, 2009

Manny Rejects Dodgers' Offer

Free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez has rejected the Dodgers' latest offer. The Dodgers said a two year deal worth 45 million dollars, with the second year at his option, would be as far as they would go. Ramirez and has team must think the Dodgers will ultimately give him what he is looking for, a three to four year deal worth 25 million dollars annually. 

Ramirez became the face of the franchise upon joining the club in 2008, not to mention improving the games of several players around him. There are no other suitable outfielders on the market, and they do not want to see him sign with the Giants, a much improved team in the same division. 

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Anonymous said...

Note to the Dodgers: Keep your $45 million, and your team's sanity. Don't sign this head case, he'll only cause you trouble.

Anonymous said...

I hope man-ram chooses the giants. Maybe I'm just a dodgers hater cuz they swept my cubbies out of the playoff's last year lol

Baseball Stu said...

This d-bag is destined for the Independent leagues.

Anonymous said...

Manny is nuts. I hope no one signs him.