Monday, February 2, 2009

Dodgers Make Offer To Manny

The Dodgers have offered Manny Ramirez a one year deal worth 25 million dollars. Ramirez hit .332 with 37 HR in 153 games for the Dodgers and Red Sox last season, and was holding out for a certain contract length. The Giants are believed to be interested, but are not willing to go above 25 million dollars, sources believe. 

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davejb851 said...

What a joke......Mr Super Agent flops again.
Manny being Manny has finally come to roost.
L.A. is offering Manny 25 mill despite the fact the recent market value is 15 mill. They're trying to save face for over paying last year, and are rethinking the "Manny" rep.
Sure the Sox missed the bat, but not the silliness.
Funny thing is if Manny had only been the player without the stupidity, he would be in line for 45 mill over the next two years with the Red Sox.

Anonymous said...

Is he really worth that type of money?